About Us

Lux Nails Spa opened it's door for business in 2016. Our business motto is to provide our clients with an upscale experience, but without the cost. We use the latest in nail salon furnishing and products, for the best results possible.

We have 2 rooms separately partitioned specifically for pedicures; each one consisting of 8 of the latest in pedicure chair designs, featuring pipe-less whirlpool jets, fully powered seat adjustments, and full featured massage functions. The rooms are each built to offer our clients privacy and to accommodate private parties, along with a much more relaxing experience.

10 manicure/service stations are lined up in rows of 2, set up so clients will have a panoramic view of their surroundings, to offer an airy openness. Every station even has a holder for your handbag(s) to keep them off the floor.

Sanitation and cleanliness is also one of our greatest focus. We follow all state board and health regulations to ensure that our clients are safe by practising proper sterilization of our instruments and work space.

So as you can tell, we pay attention to detail. From the top quality equipment and products, to the 1000s of name brand polishes and gel selection, we're here to offer you the best service that we are able to provide. Thank you so much for visiting our page, and hopefully we may together build a lasting relationship.

- Lux Nails Spa