Manicures & Pedicures

Manicures & pedicures are best if you wanted to just keep everything natural. We clean up your cuticle, condition your skin and make them feel soft and hydrated... then finish it with either polish or gel, leaving your nails beautiful and your hands and feet feeling wonderful. Great after a long day's work, during a relaxing holiday vacation, or simply because you DESERVE to be pampered.

Classic Manicure.....$15

Hand soaked in warm treated water. Nails beautifully shaped to your preference, cuticle care treatment and conditioning, relaxing hand massage and hot towel treatment finished off with your polish of choice.

Shellac/Gel Manicure.....$25 - w/French $30

This service combines our Classic Manicure procedure, but replaces nail polish with your choice of Shellac/Gel polish color. Brilliant shine, excellent durability, and 100% smudge proof. We gaurantee at least 2 weeks of wear.

Classic Spa Pedicure.....$25 (30+ minutes)

Feet soaked in treated warm water in our luxurious pedicure spas. Nails cut and beautifully shaped to your preference, cuticle treatment & conditioning, calluses removal, a rejuvenating foot/calf massage, along with scented hot towel wrap. Finished off with your choice of nail polish.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure.....$35 (45+ minutes)

Our Deluxe Pedicure is similar to our Classic, with the addition of sugar scrub to exfoliate and help smooth rough, dry skin. Application of super hydrating mask, loaded with anti-oxidates and skin regenerating ingredients to leave skin smooth, soft, glowing and feeling youthful. Our Deluxe Pedicure also focuses more on calluses, plus a longer relaxing foot/calf massage with our premium lotions.

Deep Sea Pedicure.....$45 (60+ minutes)

Our Deep Sea Pedicure is similar to our Deluxe, with the differences being water is treated with sea salt. Sea salt scrub to exfoliate and help smooth rough, dry skin. A mineral mud replaces the basic mask for extra deep skin rejuvenation, and massaged with aromatherapy lotions plus hot stone treatment. Experience the natural healing powers of the ocean.

Pearl Pedicure.....$50 (60+ minutes)

Our Pearl Pedicure is similar to our Deep Sea, but all products are replaced with the popular PEARLSPA product line with authentic pearl powder ingredients. Pearl powder contains 31% calcium, 56% protein, and an assortment of amino acids that absorbs impurities, filters the sun’s UV, among many other benefits. 100% natural.

Luxury Spa Pedicure.....$55 (75+ minutes)

Our Luxury Pedicure combines every pedicure procedure we offer in one amazing package, leaving you feeling wonderful and completely revitalized. With the addition of a soothing paraffin wax treatment, that will loosen tight muscles and draw out impurities, toxins, and remove dead skin cells. Our Luxury Pedicure service is the best of the best.

Kids 12 & Under Mani & Pedi.....$30

Put a smile on your little one’s face, as they get pampered with a mini version of our popular mani & pedi services.