Nail Enhance-ments

Nail Enhancements are products we apply to your natural nails to make them longer, and stronger. Wearing nail enhancements also prolongs your nail polish. Whether you have short and brittle nails from being a nail biter, through medications, genetics, or simply because you want your nails to look its best for a special occassion, our nail enhancement services are the perfect choice for instant results. Not only will they look fabulous, they will make you FEEL fabulous.

Acrylic Nails.....$27 Fullset - $17 Fills

Nail tips applied and trimmed to desired length (or overlayed over existing nails), application of acrylic powder, then beautifully shaped to your preference, and finished off with a polish of your choice.

Gel Nails.....$35 Fullset - $25 Fills

Similar process as Acrylics, except we use a Gel Based powder, and it is then protected with a glossy and duration Gel Sealer. Great alternative to those who are allergic to Acrylic nails.

Solar Nails (Pink & Whites).....$45 Fullset - $35 P&W Fills - $25 Pink Fills

Pink and white powders are both used to create the ultimate french look. Beautiful natural look is finished with a gel sealer for maximum shine and durability.