Additional Services

Here are some of the other services we offer. The list may change as we add/remove or make changes to our services to better suit our clients. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask any of our qualified nail technicians.

Polish Change.....Hands $8 - Feet $10

We remove your existing polish (if applicable), then trim, shape, and buff your nails. We then treat it with cuticle oil, followed by the polish of your choice. On natural nails, we DO apply a layer of special nail hardening base coat, to help strengthen and to reduce staining of your nails.

French Manicure.....w/Service $5 - w/o Service Hands $10 - w/o Service Feet $12

Similar process as our basic polish change, but instead of application of a solid color, we apply the 'French' look, which is traditionally white along the tips of your nails... but can be done in any color.

Nail Repair.....$3+

Most nail repairs will be this price. In many cases if it's a small repair, there most likely will not be a charge. However, specialty nails such as pink & whites, longer nails, or nails with designs, the cost may increase. For multiple nails that needs repair we do offer discounts.

Toe Nail Cut Down.....$10

Cut down, shaped, buffed and application of cuticle treatment.

Waxing Services


Upper Lip.....$8



Eyebrows, Lip, & Chin Combo.....$25